Micro Cars Sri Lanka Introduces the Tiggo 4 Pro Compact SUV

11 Mar, 2024   
Micro Cars Sri Lanka Introduces the Tiggo 4 Pro Compact SUV

A New Era in Mobility

Micro Cars Sri Lanka has officially launched the Tiggo 4 Pro, a state-of-the-art Compact Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), setting a new benchmark for performance, technology, and affordability in the Sri Lankan automotive market.

Innovative Design and Engineering

The Tiggo 4 Pro features a dynamic 1500 cc engine paired with a sophisticated 9-speed Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) gearbox, ensuring smooth and efficient performance across all driving conditions.

Competitive Pricing for Everyone

The Tiggo 4 Pro is priced at 12.9 million LKR, with a special rate of 11.2 million LKR for permit holders, making it an attractive option for a wide range of buyers looking for quality and value.

Key Specifications

Engine: 1.5-litre, offering a balance between power and fuel efficiency.
Transmission: 9-speed CVT, for seamless acceleration and optimal performance.
Safety: Advanced safety features ensuring a secure driving experience.

Unmatched Warranty Coverage

The Tiggo 4 Pro not only sets the bar high with its features and performance but also with its warranty – a testament to its reliability. Buyers will benefit from a remarkable 10-year or 1 million km warranty on the engine and gearbox and a comprehensive 5-year or 100,000 km warranty on the SUV, alongside offering unparalleled peace of mind and assurance in the vehicle’s durability and build quality and Micro’s unmatched after sales service and spare part availability.

A Leap Forward

This launch signifies Micro Cars Sri Lanka’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, promising the Tiggo 4 Pro to be a game-changer in the local Compact SUV segment.

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