Toyota Roomy 2016 Review

02 Oct, 2023
Toyota Roomy 2016 Review

Have you observed any open spaces on the road? Today’s topic is a “hotel room” on wheels. The Toyota Roomy, to be specific. In fact, the manufacturers built this car to fit the name. This is a vehicle created for the Van concept. Here’s CarsGuide’s look at the Toyota Roomy, 2016.

Exterior Design

Let’s start with the exterior of the Toyota Roomy.The front is extremely well designed. Windshield wipers are visible. The front casing is made of durable plastic in black. Fog lights are not visible while discussing front lights. There are halogen headlights visible.

On the side, there are 14-inch alloy wheels. The front wheels have disc brakes, while the rear wheels, drum brakes. Winker mirrors are seen. A small mirror has also been added to the underside of the passenger side mirror. Silver door knobs come with keyless entry. It has the ability to lock and unlock the front doors. The Toyota Roomy’s rear doors slide. As a result, you can press the button on the door handles to have them open and close automatically. You may also open and close the rear doors electrically by holding the buttons on the left and right sides of the key. Furthermore, these rear doors have a soft close. If necessary, we can open and close the rear doors manually.

When you look at the back, you can see the chrome Toyota insignia on the tailgate. A windshield wiper is included. The Roomy logo can be found on the lower side of the tailgate. Because this is a van, the boot opening is rather large.

When it comes to the ground clearance of the Toyota roomy, 130 mm has been specified. This is an unusually low ground clearance for Sri Lankan roadways.

Let’s move on to the Roomy’s boot space. We can open the boot by pressing down on the Toyota symbol. The rear seats, in addition to the front seats, can be used as a storage box. The rear seats can be folded as desired to expand trunk capacity, or can be folded fully flat or half flat as needed. These seats can also be folded forward. There is a little storage compartment beneath the boot floor.

Interior Design

The interior of the Toyota Roomy features a black and brown two-tone colour scheme.
Two fabric seats have been installed in the driver cabin. Manual modifications are made to the seats. A person can move between the driver’s and passenger’s seats. The driver has been given a little armrest. There is plenty of leg and headroom. The steering wheel has multi-function buttons and is tiltable. Despite the fact that the dashboard is made of hard plastic, it has a quality appearance.

In general, there is plenty of space in the glove compartment. At the bottom of the center console, there is a power outlet and a storage bin. The storage container can be removed and replaced as needed. In the meter panel, you can see the RPM meter and speedometer. It also displays the amount of fuel available. There are cup holders on both the passenger and driver sides that can be customized. Vanity mirrors with wide sun visors have also been installed on both sides. The sliding door controllers are located on the right side of the steering wheel, which can also be turned off. In such an instance you must physically open and close the doors. Since cruise control is also provided, the speed can be adjusted.

The passenger compartment has three fabric seats. Seat belts and a headrest are provided for all three seats. In the passenger cabin, you’ll find plenty of leg and headroom. This passenger cabin is sufficient even for a tall individual. Three passengers can travel in luxury. The center passenger is not affected by this because there is no floor hump. However, because there is no floor hump, if something falls, it may tumble out when you open the door. Because these seats can be moved forward, backward, and reclined, you may easily configure them. Cup holders are available. To open and close the door automatically, press the controller on the door once. Sunshades have also been installed on the windshield so that it may be adjusted to the desired level during the day. Another issue is that the windshield only opens halfway.

The Toyota Roomy cabin has the unique attribute of being able to roam around like the inside of a room. This interior has been given that much space.


A 1000cc engine powers the Toyota Roomy. 1KR-FE is the engine code. The 1000cc engine produces 69 horsepower. You may also get 92 Nm of torque.

This vehicle’s engine is linked to a CVT transmission. The Toyota Roomy is classified as a two-wheel drive vehicle.

The fuel consumption is 14 km/liter. And the fuel tank holds 38 gallons. So, based on this capacity, you can drive 532 kilometers.

Ride Quality

When it comes to the ride of the Toyota Roomy, its windshield provides the driver with excellent sight. The engine noise is not overpowering in the cabin. However, the noise of the wheels can be heard to some extent in the cabin. Owing to the low ground clearance, the vehicle’s underbody may be scraped when moving from bumpy to slightly higher ground. As a result, you must use caution. The shocks are rather mild. We can generally find a comfortable ride. The turning radius measures 4.6 m. As a result, it can be simply and quickly turn in less area.

Safety & Technology

When it comes to safety, airbags are standard. As a result, injury to the driver and passengers can be avoided in the case of a collision as well as a side impact.

The Toyota Roomy’s safety features include ABS, EBD, reversing camera, traction control, and adaptive cruise control. The mirror beneath the passenger-side side mirror minimizes blind spots. With all of this, the Toyota Roomy received a 7.4 out of 10 safety rating.

Toyota Roomy 2016 Price in Sri Lanka

As per the ikman's 3 months price data, the avg. price of used Toyota Roomy 2016 is LKR 6,800,000.

Toyota Roomy Pros Toyota Roomy 2016 Pros

  • Comfortable seats
  • The AC cools the cabin well
  • Providing good visibility to the driver
  • Rear seats can be reclined

Toyota Roomy Cons Toyota Roomy 2016 Cons

  • Reduction of ground clearance
  • Fuel pump failure
  • Having a flat surface in the cabin
  • Brake response is slightly reduced

Expert's Opinion


Out of 10

This is what we have about the Toyota Roomy. We hope you can see from this review that the term Roomy is a perfect complement for the car. This is very similar to a room. Toyota Roomy can also be described as a car designed to accommodate a family and allow them to travel in comfort. With all of this information, our experts at CarsGuide give the Toyota Roomy an overall grade of 8 out of 10.

ඔබ මාර්ගයේ විවෘත අවකාශයක් නිරීක්ෂණය කර තිබේද? අද මාතෘකාව රෝද මත “හෝටල් කාමරයක්” වේ. Toyota Roomy, නිශ්චිතවම කිවහොත්. ඇත්ත වශයෙන්ම, නිෂ්පාදකයින් මෙම මෝටර් රථය නමට ගැලපෙන පරිදි සාදා ඇත. මෙය වෑන් සංකල්පය සඳහා නිර්මාණය කරන ලද වාහනයකි. මෙන්න CarsGuide හි Toyota Roomy, 2016 දෙස බලන්න.

ඉදිරිපස ඉතා හොඳින් නිර්මාණය කර ඇත. Windshield wipers දෘශ්යමාන වේ. ඉදිරිපස ආවරණය කළු පැහැයෙන් කල් පවතින ප්ලාස්ටික් වලින් සාදා ඇත. ඉදිරිපස විදුලි පහන් ගැන සාකච්ඡා කරන විට මීදුම ආලෝකය නොපෙනේ. හැලජන් හෙඩ් ලයිට් පෙනෙනවා.

පැත්තේ, අඟල් 14 ඇලෝයි වීල් ඇත. ඉදිරිපස රෝදවල disk brake ඇති අතර පසුපස රෝද, drum brake ඇත. වින්කර් කණ්ණාඩි දක්නට ලැබේ. මගී පැති කණ්ණාඩියේ යටි පැත්තට කුඩා කණ්ණාඩියක් ද එකතු කර ඇත. රිදී දොර බොත්තම් යතුරු රහිත ඇතුල්වීම සමඟ පැමිණේ. ඉදිරිපස දොරවල් අගුලු දැමීමේ සහ අගුලු හැරීමේ හැකියාව ඇත. Toyota Roomy හි පසුපස දොරවල් ලිස්සා යයි. එහි ප්‍රතිඵලයක් වශයෙන්, දොර හසුරුවල ඇති බොත්තම එබීමෙන් ඔබට ඒවා ස්වයංක්‍රීයව විවෘත කර වසා දැමිය හැක. යතුරේ වම් සහ දකුණු පැතිවල ඇති බොත්තම් ඇල්ලීමෙන් ඔබට පසුපස දොරවල් විදුලියෙන් විවෘත කර වසා දැමිය හැකිය. තවද, මෙම පසුපස දොරවල් මෘදු වසා ඇත. අවශ්ය නම්, අපට පිටුපස දොරවල් අතින් විවෘත කර වසා දැමිය හැකිය.

1000cc එන්ජිමක් Toyota Roomy එක බලගන්වයි. 1KR-FE යනු එන්ජින් කේතයයි. 1000cc එන්ජිම අශ්වබල 69ක් නිපදවයි. ඔබට 92 Nm ව්‍යවර්ථයක් ද ලබා ගත හැක.මෙම වාහනයේ එන්ජිම CVT සම්ප්‍රේෂණයකට සම්බන්ධ කර ඇත. Toyota Roomy රෝද දෙකේ වාහනයක් ලෙස වර්ගීකරණය කර ඇත.ඉන්ධන පරිභෝජනය ලීටර් 14 කි. තවද ඉන්ධන ටැංකිය ගැලුම් 38ක් දරයි. එබැවින්, මෙම ධාරිතාව මත පදනම්ව, ඔබට කිලෝමීටර 532 ක් ධාවනය කළ හැකිය.

Toyota Roomy ගැන අපට ඇත්තේ මෙයයි. Roomy යන යෙදුම මෝටර් රථය සඳහා පරිපූර්ණ අනුපූරකයක් බව මෙම සමාලෝචනයෙන් ඔබට දැකගත හැකි වනු ඇතැයි අපි බලාපොරොත්තු වෙමු. මෙය කාමරයකට බෙහෙවින් සමාන ය. Toyota Roomy යනු පවුලකට නවාතැන් ගැනීමට සහ ඔවුන්ට සුවපහසු ලෙස ගමන් කිරීමට ඉඩ සැලසෙන පරිදි නිර්මාණය කර ඇති මෝටර් රථයක් ලෙසද හැඳින්විය හැක.

Toyota Roomy 2016 ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ මිල

ikman හි මාස 3ක මිල දත්ත වලට අනුව සාමාන්‍යය Toyota Roomy 2016 හි මිල රුපියල් 6,800,000 වේ.

Toyota Roomy Pros Toyota Roomy 2016 වාසි

  • සුවපහසු ආසන
  • රියදුරුට හොඳ දෘශ්‍යතාවක් ලබා දීම
  • හොඳ ඉඩක් සහිත කැබින්

Toyota Roomy Cons Toyota Roomy 2016 අවාසි

  • බිම් නිෂ්කාශනය අඩු කිරීම
  • මැදිරියේ පැතලි මතුපිටක් තිබීම
  • තිරිංග ප්රතිචාරය තරමක් අඩු වේ

විශේෂඥ මතය


Out of 10

Toyota Roomy ගැන අපට ඇත්තේ මෙයයි. Roomy යන යෙදුම මෝටර් රථය සඳහා පරිපූර්ණ අනුපූරකයක් බව මෙම සමාලෝචනයෙන් ඔබට දැකගත හැකි වනු ඇතැයි අපි බලාපොරොත්තු වෙමු. මෙය කාමරයකට බෙහෙවින් සමාන ය. Toyota Roomy යනු පවුලකට නවාතැන් ගැනීමට සහ ඔවුන්ට සුවපහසු ලෙස ගමන් කිරීමට ඉඩ සැලසෙන පරිදි නිර්මාණය කර ඇති මෝටර් රථයක් ලෙසද හැඳින්විය හැක. මෙම සියලු තොරතුරු සමඟින්, CarsGuide හි අපගේ ප්‍රවීණයන් Toyota Roomy සඳහා සමස්ත ශ්‍රේණිය 10න් 8ක් ලබා දෙයි.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Toyota Roomy a good / reliable car?

As per our experts' review and rating, the Toyota Roomy has scored 8 out of 10. To find out more about whether the Toyota Roomy is well-suited to your specific needs, make sure to read our full review on it.

What is the maximum power and maximum torque of the Toyota Roomy?

In the Toyota Roomy, the maximum power is 69 ps and maximum torque is 9 kgm.

What is the riding capacity of the Toyota Roomy?

The riding capacity of the Toyota Roomy is 5 Seater.

What is the engine capacity of the Toyota Roomy?

The engine capacity of the Toyota Roomy is 996 cc.

What factors should I consider when buying a used Toyota Roomy?

Here are some important factors you should consider before buying a used Toyota Roomy car:
  • Price / budget & financing
  • Vehicle maintenance history & reputation
  • Pre-purchase inspection & test drive
  • Ownership and vehicle title
  • Insurance
  • Lifestyle compatibility

Toyota Roomy 2016 Specifications

Launch Year2016
Origin CountryJapan
Body Type
Riding Capacity5 Seater
Model CodeDBA-M900A
Overall Length3700 mm
Overall Width1670 mm
Overall Height1735 mm
Wheelbase2490 mm
Tread Front1465 mm
Tread Rear1475 mm
Interior Length2180 mm
Interior Width1480 mm
Interior Height1355 mm
Weight1070 kg
Engine Model1KR-FE
Maximum Power69 ps
Maximum Power51 kw
Maximum Power6000 rpm
Max. Torque KGM9 kgm
Max. Torque Nm92 Nm
Max. Torque RPM4400 rpm
Engine Capacity996 cc
Compression Ratio12.5
Fuel Tank Capacity36 L
Min. Turning Radius4.6
Tires Size Front165/65R14
Tires Size Rear165
Driving WheelFF
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