Renault Kwid 2016 Review

05 Jul, 2023
Renault Kwid 2016 Review

The Renault KWID 2016 model is a compact and budget-friendly car that has gained popularity among drivers looking for an affordable and practical option. In this review, we will explore the Renault KWID 2016 model, examining its performance, features, and why it has appealed to many drivers.

Exterior Design:

The Renault KWID 2016 model boasts a compact and stylish exterior design that catches attention on the road. It features body-colored bumpers that add a touch of elegance, while its compact dimensions make it ideal for navigating crowded urban areas. The KWID’s modern and youthful design appeals to those seeking a fresh and distinctive look.

Interior Design:

Inside the Renault KWID 2016, you’ll find a functional and comfortable cabin. The controls are well-placed and easy to use, ensuring a hassle-free driving experience. Despite its compact size, the KWID offers sufficient space for both passengers and cargo. The rear seats can be folded to create additional storage space, making it versatile for various needs.


The Renault KWID 2016 is equipped with a fuel-efficient engine that delivers decent performance for urban commuting. While it may not have the same power as larger vehicles, it provides sufficient acceleration and agility for navigating city streets. The KWID’s lightweight construction enhances fuel efficiency and maneuverability, making it an economical choice.

Ride Quality:

The Renault KWID 2016 provides a comfortable ride quality within its segment. Its suspension system is tuned to handle everyday road conditions, effectively absorbing bumps and uneven surfaces. The compact size of the KWID also aids in maneuvering through tight spaces, ensuring convenience in urban environments.

Safety and Technology:

The Renault KWID 2016 prioritizes safety with features such as a driver-side airbag in the top-grade variant, providing essential protection for occupants. Additionally, the inclusion of rear parking sensors aids in maneuvering and enhances safety while reversing. In terms of technology, the KWID offers an audio system with USB and AUX input, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music during your journeys.

Renault Kwid 2016 Price in Sri Lanka

As per the ikman's 3 months price data, the avg. price of used Renault Kwid 2016 is LKR 2,629,000.

Renault Kwid Pros Renault Kwid 2016 Pros

  • Affordable and budget-friendly.
  • Compact size for easy maneuverability.
  • Stylish and modern exterior design.
  • Fuel-efficient engine for economical driving.

Renault Kwid Cons Renault Kwid 2016 Cons

  • Limited engine power compared to larger vehicles.
  • Lack of advanced technology features found in other hatchbacks in its class.
  • Interior materials may not be as high-quality as in premium vehicles.

Expert's Opinion


Out of 10

The Renault KWID 2016 model is an affordable and practical choice for those seeking a compact and budget-friendly car. With its stylish design, comfortable interior, and decent performance, it caters well to urban driving needs. While it may lack some advanced technology features and engine power, the KWID offers reliability, fuel efficiency, and ease of maneuverability, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious drivers.

ලංකාවේ බහුතරයක් දෙනා කැමති SUV type වාහනයක් පදින්න.වාහන වල දැන් තියෙන මිල ගණන් බැලුවම සමාන්‍ය මට්ටමේ අයට SUV පදින එක ටිකක් අමාරුයි.හැබැයි අපි මේ කියන්නේ ලංකාවේ වැඩිපුරම දකින්න ලැබෙන SUV වාහනයක වගෙම හොඳ inspired look එකක් තියෙන Renault KWID 2016 ගැනයි.Fuel efficiency, budget-friendly වාහනයක් විදිහටත් මේක හඳුන්වනවා.

සාමාන්‍ය car එකකට වඩා උස වාහනයක් වෙන මෙහි 180mm හොඳ ground clearance එකක් තියෙනවා.Renault KWID එකේ තියෙන honeycomb grill එක,විශාල fog lights, head lamps,front bumper design එක මේ වාහනෙට SUV look එක වැඩිකරන්න හේතුවෙලා තියෙනවා.

Interior එක සම්පුර්ණයෙන් high quality plastic ආවරණය කරලා තියෙන්නේ.ඇතුළත පෙනුම හරිම attractive look එකක් ගෙනල්ලා දීලා තියෙනවා. 9 inches touchscreen Bluetooth supported infotainment system එකකුත් මේ වාහනේ තියෙනවා.Dashboard එකේ mount කරපු speakers අපිට බලාගන්න පුලුවන්.Passenger seats වල යන අයට හොඳ legroom සහ headroom space එකක් මේ වාහනේ තියෙනවා.Fabric seats තමයි අපිට Renault KWID වාහනේ දකින්න ලැබෙන්නේ.සැපපහසුවෙන් දුරගමනක් යන්න පුලුවන් වාහනයක් විදිහය සැලකෙන මෙය 300 liters boot-spaceකින් සමන්විතයි.

සාමාන්‍ය භාවිතයේදී ලීටරයකට කිලෝමීටර 17ක් පමණ යාමේ හැකියාව තියෙනවා.ඉතා හොඳ fuel efficiency එකක් Renault KWID වාහනෙට තියෙනවා.

හොඳ inspired look එකක් තියෙන, budget-friendly Renault KWID 2016 වාහනය පවුලේ හැමෝටම සැපපහසුවට දුරගමනක් වුණත් යන්න පුලුවන් වාහනයක් විදිහට අපිට අවිවාදයෙන් හදුන්වන්න පුලුවන්.

Renault Kwid 2016 ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ මිල

ikman හි මාස 3ක මිල දත්ත වලට අනුව සාමාන්‍යය Renault Kwid 2016 හි මිල රුපියල් 2,629,000 වේ.

Renault Kwid Grades

Renault Kwid


  • Body-colored bumpers
  • Front power windows
  • Central locking
  • Manual air conditioning
  • Digital instrument cluster

Renault Kwid


  • Remote central locking
  • Audio system with USB and AUX input
  • Front speakers
  • Power steering
  • Rear parcel tray

Renault Kwid


  • Driver-side airbag
  • Power windows - Front and rear
  • Touchscreen infotainment system with navigation
  • Rear parking sensors
  • Driver and passenger vanity mirror

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Renault Kwid a good / reliable car?

As per our experts' review and rating, the Renault Kwid has scored 6.8 out of 10. To find out more about whether the Renault Kwid is well-suited to your specific needs, make sure to read our full review on it.

What is the price of the Renault Kwid?

The price range of the Renault Kwid in Sri Lanka is LKR 2.5 Mn to 2.6 Mn. To compare prices of the Renault Kwid, based on the condition, mileage and year of manufacture, check out the Renault Kwid listings on ikman for sale.

What factors should I consider when buying a used Renault Kwid?

Here are some important factors you should consider before buying a used Renault Kwid car:
  • Price / budget & financing
  • Vehicle maintenance history & reputation
  • Pre-purchase inspection & test drive
  • Ownership and vehicle title
  • Insurance
  • Lifestyle compatibility
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